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9 to 5 The Musical

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The Full Monty 26
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The Full Monty 28

In October 2018, The Athenaeum Masqueraders presented the fabulous 9 to 5 The Musical adapted from the 20th century film of the same name written by Patricia Resnick and with aditional music by Dolly Parton. The show was performed from Thursday  25th - Saturday 27th October at the Athenaeum Centre to three sell-out audiences

Auditions took place on Sunday 10th June and the Cast List was a follows...

Violet Newstead - Sophie Ball

Doraleee Rhodes - Charlotte Stringer

Judy Bernly - Leonie Harrison

Franklin Hart Jr. -Tristan Carter

Roz Keith - Claire Warren

Joe Smith - Ben Jenkins 

Dwayne Rhodes -Darren Moore

Margaret Pomerance - Jeanine Charlwood

Kathy Walters - Bex Mould

Maria Delgado -Emma Parrish

Dick Bernly - Mark Elford

Bob Enright - Darren Moore

Russell Tinsworhty - Philip Day

Josh Newstead - Ethan Nelson

Dances & Office Secretaries - Sarah Paul, Jess Day, Grace Egginton, Laura Elford, Amber Withey

Office Workers / Secretaries (& Ensemble) - Esther Allberry, Helena Blain, Claire Dalton, Philip Day, Mark Elford, Rosie-Ann Fisher, Dani Fuke, Connor Hill, Harriet Lemay-Lamb, Darren Moore, Kerry Ogden, Tom Redman, Juliette Turner, Gary Welsh

If you are interested in joining The Athenaeum Masqueraders, either behind the scenes or on stage, please email us - - we would be delighted to hear from you.

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