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The Full Monty

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In October 2017, The Athenaeum Masqueraders adult show was the fantastic musical of The Full Monty based on the 1997 Fox Searchlight Pictures Film of the same name. Due to the fantastic response and by popular demand, the show was reprised in February 2018. The show was performed from  Wednesday 14th - Saturday 17th February at the Athenaeum Centre. 

With the full support from the original cast and their auditions in August 2017, the Cast List was a follows...

Jerry Lukowski - Davey Evans

Dave Bukatinsky - Ben Griffiths

Malcolm McGregorBen Jenkins

Harold Nichols - Jules Porter

Ethan Girand - Ryan WIddows

Noah T. Simmons (Horse) - Gary Robson

Pam Lukowski - Claire Dalton
Georgie Bukatinsky - Juliette Turner
Vicki Nichols - Charlotte Stringer

Jeanette Burmeister - Nichola Taylor

Nathan Lukowski - Fabian Butler

Teddy Slaughter - Darren Moore
Buddy (Keno) Walsh - Justin Snell-McLellan
Reg Willoughby - Mark Elford
Tony Giordano - Andrew Matson
Estelle Genovese - Jacqueline Brown
Susan Hershey - Nicki Marshall
Joanie Lish - Emma Teresa Parrish

Molly MacGregor - Wendy Dopheide

Ensemble - Simon Cordina, Lisa Shuckford, Sonia Nicholls, Sophie Ball, Phillip Day, Beth Dombkowski, Claire Warren, Jeanine Charlwood

If you are interested in joining The Athenaeum Masqueraders, either behind the scenes or on stage, please email us - - we would be delighted to hear from you.

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