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The Witches

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In May 2016, The Athenaeum Masqueraders Youth show was the fantastic musical of The Witches. The show was performed from Thursday 5th - Saturday 7th May at the Athenaeum Centre. 

Auditions took place on Sunday 17th January 2016 and the Cast List was a follows...

Boy -  Seth Cox

Grandmother -  Sarah Paul

Grand High Witch -  Rose Eggington

Bruno Jenkins -  Tom Kerry

Mrs Jenkins -  Charlie Pirie

Mr Jenkins -  Ben Pearson

Tree House Witch -  Gabrielle Sturdee

Witch No. 1 -  Hannah Davies

Witch No. 2 -  Chloe Charlwood


Display Witch/Voice of Maid -  Cerys Blain

Waitress -  Maddie Hewitt

Doctor (Additional Witch) -  Abby Sparrow

Nurse (Additional Witch) -  Ruby Shepperd

Lawyer/Frog -  Tim Sturdee

The Chefs -  Helena Blain & Amber Withey

Head Waiter -  Jude Storer 

Doorman -  Owen Russell

Sailor -  Jack Thompson

Witches -  Rebecca Brooks,, Olivia Chapman, Grace Egginton,                     Charlotte Gasoigne, Ellie Harris, Lara Huntley,                                Bethan Seal, Rose Whelan & Charlotte Young 


Ensemble - In addition to the roles above, some cast members were asked to double up as additional character roles.

If you are interested in joining The Athenaeum Masqueraders, either behind the scenes or on stage, please email us - - we would be delighted to hear from you.

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